About Us

Simplified education is the goal of Amero School Management Education.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 2018 - Pride Harmony Foundation in association with Amero Research & Loyalty Solutions has come up with a really impressive idea to eradicate the problem of communication gap between the school authorities, parents, students, and trustees of the school. They have come with an application and software that connects all the concerned people.

Amero School management will also provide scholarships for students who excel in activities organized by school. In collaboration with Amero Loyalty Coin Programme, which is a global coalition loyalty program first of its kind in the world. It gives redeemable reward points that can be used anywhere anytime to its registered members.

This application is called Amero School Management; this will optimize the proper functioning and communication between school authorities, parents, students and trustees of the school. This application comprises of features like sending a picture or a video, private conversation between the participating people. There will be a regular commute and constant sharing of information and updates. There will be an uninterrupted vigilance on students and teachers by parents and other authorities.

Let’s make our education system safe for future generation with Pride Harmony Association.